Australian Botanical Gardens, Mount Annan 9/1/2016

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Ok I'm back, Been away from the Blog for a few months now, sorry for those that missed the regular weekly blog post, should be back to normal now again. For the last four months I've hardly touched my cameras, instead been touching tools renovating a bathroom, but thats all finished how so weekends and week nights are back to normal now, so on the odd weekends I got out I will post some of the shots in the coming weeks, plus any that are worth while for the week. 

To start with these are shots I took back in January on one of the days I did get out, these are taken again in my usual place of the Australian Botanical Gardens, Mount Annan.

The first two shots are of the same mushroom for different angles, this one was growing in the grass beside the first main lake as you drive in the gardens. 

While I was taking the mushroom shot I was being watched by this little Australian Eastern Water Dragon. This ones only a small one, and he soon jumped into the small creek he was over looking that feeds in to the lake.

A family of Australasian Grebes (Tachybaptus Novaehollandiae) came paddling past as well and I managed this shot. Before they were shepherded out into the middle of the lake. 

This next ones of an Olive-backed Oriole (Oriolus Sagittarius) there are quite a few of these around the woodland area of the gardens and they have a very distinctive  call that usually draws you automatically to them. Their bright red Eye certainly stands out. 

Next Bird I found was this female Grey ButcherBird (Practices torquatus). 

There was also plenty of Mushrooms to be found that day up in the Wollemi pine walk of discovery area of the gardens. the ext few shots are just some of the mushrooms I found that day.  

I'll leave it here for this week but in the coming weeks I'll share some of the other shots taken over th last few months plus some of the shots from each weekend as I get back out and start taking shots again. 

Thanks for dropping by my blog again, sorry for the delay in posting but most nights after work I was working on the renovations as was most weekends so didn't have time to shoot or post images the last few months, but should be back to normal again now. 


Thanks for dropping by my blog.





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