Jenolan Caves

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Welcome back to my weekly blog, this week for something different a look at some of my shots form a week weeks backs trip to Jenolan Caves. My companies social club arranged for a day trip to Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, these are a series of limestone caves with plenty of formations to view the caves are all viewed on a guided tour so no self-tours of these caves, but the groups are sized based on the cave tour you go on and well run. 

The morning was an early start with a 7:00am pick up at the company works.  From there we drove up the Blue Mountains and had the first stop at the Neck a rocky plateau that runs in to the Megalong Valley, from there we drove to the Hydro Majestic for a morning tea break too early for the hotel to be open unfortunately to have a look around after its renovations. Then on to the caves. 

We had a private tour booked of the Lucas Cave which is an hour and a half tour. The next series of shots are taken during that tour. 

This shot shows one of the older ladders in the cave, not in use apart from cave maintenance now days the guide said its known as scary ladder, hmmm wonder why.

This one is a shot of an area where they use to and occasionally still do hold church services in the caves, called pulpit rock.

This shot shows a piece of limestone with a light underneath it to show the translucence of the stone. One of the only piece of limestone in the caves hey allow you to touch, other wise it turns black for the acids in the skin as you constantly touch the stone. 

This ones only a small opening say about 50cm high very hard to get a sense of scale to these shots at times with nothing to gauge against. 

These next Three shots are of a formation called Broken Column, funny that, this was caused not by an earth quake but by the stone at the bottom slowly sinking under the weight and eventually snapping the column. The Diameter at the break is apron 50cm held a metre. So a fair bit of a column to snap like that.

This formation is called the Bishop as if you look at the formation on top o the Stalagmite it looks like a Bishop reading from his book. 

The coloured lights like this seam to be in once cavan in each cave to show what it looks like they have a set of coloured LED lights and use the colours to this effect. Personally I prefer the natural look, but for one cavan its Ok to see what it looks like.  

Through out the cave system theres underground rivers and this is where the rivers flow out. Around the bend is a small weir which store the water forming this lake the blue colour gives the lake its name the blue lake and the colour comes form the minerals in the water from the limestone deposits.


This shot is of a skeleton of a Wombat that was found in the cave, over the years the caves have been in existence animals have become trapped in the caves, not so much these days since the cave system has been discovered. 

Now on to the second cave tour this one only had around 15 people in the tour so a small group, again on cavan with the coloured lights. 

This formation is called the Dragon and with a bit of imagination you can see a dragons head.  

Well thats about it for the tour shots of Jenolan Caves, something different from my usual shots. 


Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'll be back next week with something different again. 





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