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Tasmania 2017 Day 8

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Welcome back to this week's blog post, this week a look at day 8 of my Tasmanian photo tour. This time the day was spent around Cradle mountain so a lot of shots around Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain.

First up a quick look at where the Last blog post was viewed, Nine countries this time around with Russia making a big jump in the last 24 hours with 78 views in one day, Australia came in next with the USA behind that the UK and Italy ties next with Belgium, Brazil, Ireland and Iran tying for the final place. So again a good coverage around the world, not sure what happens with Russia there with so many views in a short period of time every month or so, All the figures are coming from Google Analytics.

Anyway on with this weeks blog post. This first shot was taken directly out of the Balcony of the hotel we were staying at so open the door stepped out and took this early morning shot of the bush around the hotel, nice stand of gum trees with the early morning light. This shot is a panorama made up of four shots stitched together to make a long shot, so this one will print up large.  

This one's just one of the single shots used. 

We went up to Dove Lake for the morning and walked around part of the lake we didn't have time for a full circuit of the lake. 

This shot shows the first glimpse of the boat house on dove lake, one of the most photographed buildings around Cradle Mountain. Like most days of the year, the cradle is covered in cloud in this shot. 


Then we made it down to the boat house where I took a series of shots from slightly different angles


As the day wore on the cloud cover started to break up and for a few shots, we got clean shots of the Cradle. Here are a few of the cleaner shots.


Thanks for dropping by my blog this week, I'll be back next week with more from the Tasmanian tour.



Tasmania 2017 Day 7

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This week's blog is a look at the shots from day 7 of my Tasmanian trip earlier on in the year. 

First a look at where last times blog post was viewed. First up this week is Australia with the most views, then followed by the United States of America and Spain, after that on an equal number of views are Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Lesotho, Mexico and the Philippines. So, twelve countries this time around. Thanks.


This week’s blog in Tasmania was all around Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. The weather wasn’t the kindest to us this day and light rain on and off plus a bit of wind at times to break up the water surface, so not the best of conditions but still need to make the best of it so out we went to shoot. 

This first shot the cradle partly cloud covered, this is pretty much how it is for most of the year, there are even signs warning you that this is the case in the carpark where this shot was taken from. So not every day you get to see the full cradle. 


Another shot was taken from a little further round Dove lake


Back in the car park in the rain this little Magpie was doing its best with little sucess to get out of the rain. 

Around the lake is some accommodation and some old huts complete with shingled rooves and log structures. 

Pandani growing​​​​ around Cradle Mountain. 

The overland track as it comes down from Cradle Mountain doesn’t look like the best weather to be on the track this day, light rain and little cool out there. You can see the shine on the board walk from the rain. Looks bleak out there. 

Like a lot of the forests around Tasmania the ground is covered in moss making for a green carpet of the area. 

Another of the little huts in the forest, thsi ones a little Goldilocks like.


The next is a series of shots in the forest around Cradle Mountain showing of the moss covered forest floor. 


Even managed to find a mushroom growing amongst it, thoguht I'd have found a lot more but still found the odd one or two. 

Final shot for this week is another of the shot of the moss covered forest. These shots really show just how green it is in the Tasmanian forests.  

That's it for this weeks blog post of Tasmania day 7. I'll b eback next time with the next days shots. 

Thanks for dropping by my blog. 




Tasmania 2017 Day 6

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Welcome back to my weekly blog, this week continuing on a tour of my shots from Tasmania earlier in the year. 

Frist a quick look at where my blog was viewed last week, only five countries this time, coming in at the top place this week was Australia, followed by the USA, then the United Kingdom, the Philipines, and South Africa. 

Back to Tasmania, the morning started in Strahan again with the hotel overlooking the harbour, this is the view from the balcony of the dining area. The clouds looking ominous there in the sky.  

From the hotel we drove back around the other side of the bay, this poor boat looks to have seen better days. 

The houses in the little fishing village were all quite colourful wonder if they paint their boats to match the house colour?

A young Pacific gull (Larus pacificus) waiting for its breakfast


We went back to the boats from the night before without the rain this time and still conditions, the water was like a mirror.  


Then back around to the village again, the old houses there complete with white picket fences are a throwback to a forgotten time. 


The harbour though filled with tourist cruise boats is still a working harbour and the daily commute doesn't need to worry about traffic jams each morning. 

After our time in Strahan, we drove up the coast to Granville Harbour where the waves were pounding the red rocks along the coast. 



This image shows the force of the water with seaweed being thrown into the sky from the force of the waves breaking it off the rocks. 

We traveled north along the coast to the and a little inland till we reached the Pieman River. We boarded the Arcadia II for a cruise up the river the idea was to have still conditions to get mirror reflections on the bush in the river. Not today, however, the wind wasn't to co-operate. Still a nice cruise and nice looking boat. 

These steps look a little Elfish to me bit like lord of the rings kind of scene, as the stairs lead up into the bushland.


Last up for this week a shot of the anchor winch on the deck of the boat. Gives an idea that the boats not straight out of the shipyard, been around for a while looking at this winch. 

Well, that's it for this week's shots around Tasmania. Back next week with more again. 


Thanks for dropping by my blog this week, hope to have you back next week for the net day in the tour. 



Tasmania 2017 Day 5

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Welcome back to me weekly blog that's not been so weekly lately. 

This week I'll continue the shots from Tasmanian Photography tour earlier in the year.

Since the last blog was released it was viewed in ten different countries, with the highest view rate being Australia this time round and the USA coming in at number two. Coming in at a tie fro the third spot was four Countries the UK, Turkey, Taiwan and South Africa, the final spot was taken up by Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweeden. Again a good collection of views from around the world. Thanks for all those that view my blog. 

This time it's Day 5 of my trip and the trip from east coast to west coast via mount Field national park. 

This first shot is along the road at a stand of trees, for once the GPS co-ordinates didn't come into the image from the camera, possibly took the shot to quick for the GPS to establish itself. One I'll have to watch out for in future. But it's between Hobard and Mount Field National Park right beside the road. 


This next series is taken in Mount Field National Park, most famous for Russell falls. Everything is so green in this park any fallen trees are moss covered quickly, as is the ground.  The photos don't do this place justice, its one of those areas you can spend days in just soaking up the atmosphere.  

The main track leading to the falls. 

This next shot is of Russell Falls them self. A wall of waterfall. 

The forest floor is littered with fallen trees, logs and branches all covered in the green moss. 

Stairs leading up to the next falls, not for today, but you'll see where these lead to in a few more days time. 


At the top of the park is Lake Dobson where these next series of shots are taken as we walked around the lake.  


From Mount Feild we drove across the Island to Strahan, stopping along the way for the odd shot. This one the sun was lighting this small stand of trees.

The landscape changes from flat to rugged with each bend in the road. Never staying constant for too long.

We reached Strahan in a wet afternoon with light cold rain falling, but still managed a few shots. This one was taken from the other side of the inlet to the village. 

Back on the village side, the rain had stopped. 

Enough to allow for a bit of a sunset to show though as the light lite up the boat harbour.

Once the sun set and night set in I went out again for some night photography around the village. 

Including an attempt at the milky way, a few clouds about and a bit of light pollution so not the best conditions but I did manage to catch a passing satellite in the lower right corner of the shot. 


So that's it for this week's shots on the Tasmanian tour day five, coming up day six. Thanks fro dropping by my blog this week. Back again soon. 




Tasmania 2017 Day 4

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Welcome back to my weekly blog this week I'll continue the shots around Tasmania as the last few blogs have been this week I'll cover day four of the trip.  

Before I start on Tasmania a quick look at where the last blog was viewed. 13 Countries this time round with the USA coming in at number one for a number of views followed by Australia, then South Africa, with the Netherlands coming next followed by Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Indonesia, Mexico the United Kingdom, and India all tying for the final spot. There were two other viewings but the Google Analytics could not determine the location. So again viewed from all around the world.  

This week's post is a look at day four of my recent photography tour of Tasmania.

First up we headed out to the Tessellated pavement a coastal rock formation that is self-explanatory looking at the formations. 

Flying high overhead was a Little Eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides) this one was being chased off by a gull, not the best of shots and quite heavily cropped in, but enough to identify the bird and you can see the first shot as it turns its head looking for the gull. 

From there we drove to the Australian Tasmanian Devil Unzoo, A Tasmanian Devil, wildlife sanctuary and animal rescue park. First up two devils arguing over the scraps.    The Tasmanian Devils have been under threat from a facial tumor the last few years and have been disappearing from the wild. The Unzoo has a captive breeding program and is one of the many wildlife parks in Tasmania trying to save the devils.

From there we walked around the park including a walk-in enclosure where you can get up close to the small group of Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Pademelons. This next shot shows a kangaroo on the run just as its feet leave the ground so the main claws are all that's contacting the ground.   

Whereas this one is a little Pademelon hiding up on a small mound catching the suns rays.

Next up and one of the reasons I'm not a fan of these kinds of places is a Quall in a cage, the cage has been sized for the animals and all the animals appeared to be well looked after but you can still see the cage in this shot.

The Unzoo also had a free flight bird show and the next series of shots comes from the show. 

After the trip to the Australian Tasmanian Devil Unzoo the next stop off was a power boat ride out along the Tasman Peninsula. Off the coast and along the coast we came across an abundance of wildlife and some spectacular scenery.  First up was this penguin out on patrol, looking for its feed.  

Then along the rocky islands off the coast, we came across some Black-faced Cormorants (Phalacrocorax fuscescens)

This shots of a young Cormorant still not with its adult plumage. 

A little further along the coast we came across a feeding frenzy on the ocean surface, where a group of Seals were coming up thought a school of fish, and the same time the various sea birds came down for their fill. The Bird life here included three kinds of Albatross, Buller, Shy and Campbell, Cormorants, Shearwaters and gulls. The Albatrosses are so large they run along the surface of the ocean to take off. 

In this shot you can see one of the Albatrosses has a catch in its mouth, the trick is to hold on to it and swallow it before some one else grabs it. 


The Coastline has many rock formations, caves and pillars. These next few shots show some of what we saw traveling along the coast. 


On the final run back to where we left off a pod of dolphins also traveled along the side of us. 

Hope you liked day 4 of my Tasmanian trip. Day five will be next.

Thank for dropping by my blog this week.